Top 8 Best Bose Bluetooth Speakers In 2021

Top 8 Best Bose Bluetooth Speakers In 2021

In today’s fast paced life, we like to carry our music with us, wherever we go. And of course I’m not just talking about our phones or tablets. They can only take your music experience so far. You need something more substantial and dedicated, solely to sound. Also, you don’t want to get weighed down by too much weight (heavy speakers) or too many wires. Wireless is the way to go. That’s where our handy Bluetooth speakers. Bose has some of the best. You can take your pick from our list of top Bose Bluetooth Speakers.

How We Chose the Best Bose Speakers:

  • Ease of use – When it comes to speakers “ease of use” is a relative term. After all, they’re speakers. Their purpose in life is to simply play whatever you feed through them. But whereas in the past setting up speakers was without a doubt an incredibly easy task, today’s Bose speakers with their Bluetooth and wireless capabilities can seem like much more of a chore if one is to set them up properly. However, aware that not everyone who enjoys quality sound is technically inclined, the company makes wireless and Bluetooth integration a relative snap. Perhaps the only thing easier would be if the speakers sensed available devices and performed an automatic setup as soon as you installed the battery. There’s little doubt that day isn’t far off, but it’s not here quite yet.
  • Sound – This is Bose that we’re talking about here so while no company is infallible and not every Bose speaker will stand toe-to-toe with every other Bose speaker, as a general rule the audio quality emitted by the overwhelming majority of their products is excellent. Where you might run into a few issues is with things like soundbars and the like. If they are too short you’re not going to get stereo sound from them no matter how hard you try. Still, that’s pretty small potatoes.
  • Reviews – As always we take what we read in the customer review sections with a grain of salt, tossing the most glowing as well as the most scathing reviews and looking for some sort of critical consensus. We then weigh that against our own experience to see if there might be something we missed. For the most part though we like to make up our own minds and when push comes to shove our experience will always override things we’ve read.
  • Price – We assume that if you’re interested in acquiring Bose speakers that cost is not such an obstacle for you. Still, value is value and we love a good value so if there are two speakers that produce roughly the same audio experience and one is less expensive than the other we’ll likely choose the less expensive model simply because it’s a greater value proposition.

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Features To Look For In Bose Speakers:

  • Sound Quality – You’re buying Bose speakers because you want clear, crisp audio. Therefore if the sound coming from your “Bose” speaker is dodgy there’s a good chance you’ve got a counterfeit on your hands. Make sure you always purchase Bose speakers from long-established reputable dealers.
  • Rooms and Acoustics – One of the things that drove Amar Bose to create his company more than 50 years ago was his frustration with how the speakers of the day sounded in the average living room. As such all Bose speakers are aimed at minimizing the audio killing qualities of domestic spaces and for the most part they do a spectacular job. However, even the best Bose speakers will be affected by the particulars of a given space. Kitchens for instances are typically full of hard surfaces that cause reverb which can create a tinny effect or cancel out details on the low or high end of the audio spectrum. Conversely living rooms and bedrooms are typically full of soft surfaces that absorb sound. The smart thing to do is to go into an actual brick and mortar audio outlet and discuss the particulars of your space with someone who knows what they’re talking about before you purchase your Bluetooth home speakers.
  • Battery Power – Bose has made significant headway in the past couple of years when it comes to battery power. Whereas before many of their lithium-ion batteries had an effective full charge life of 5-7 hours their new speaker batteries typically provide 10, 12 even 14 hours of maximum use before needing to be recharged. That’s a substantial difference and one worth nothing.
  • Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Connectivity – Bluetooth connectivity is the kind of issue that makes the eyes of non-techies roll back in their heads. And that’s understandable. You shouldn’t have to be an app-geek to enjoy the benefits of the contemporary world. Thankfully, Bose is aware that some folks, if forced to deal with Bluetooth on their own, will simply ignore it so they make the process of Bluetooth syncing virtually automatic on many of their speaker systems. Many, but not all. If you are a bit tech challenged but you’d still like to listen to some tunes from your smartphone on your new Bose speakers you may want something like their SoundLink Bose Bluetooth Speaker II with its super easy to use drag and drop Bluetooth interface.
  • Remotes and Apps – Most Bose speakers come with a remote that provides most and in some cases all the same functionality you’ll get from their control apps. Others will eschew the remote altogether and focus all control in their accompanying app. If you’re more comfortable using a remote or simply want the option of having it if you want it then make sure the Bose speaker you choose comes with one as part of the package. As we said, many do.
  • Design – Bose began life as an industry leader in the movement toward cleaner, more sophisticated design in home electronics. And while the rest of the world has pretty effectively caught up, and in some cases passed them by, the company still puts a lot of effort into the design of their speaker systems. Their mobile speakers in particular are still at the forefront of industrial design with models like the Revolve setting the standard for others to aspire to.

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Recognizing Fake Bose Speakers

Bose has had to protect themselves from a flood of cheap knock offs that have integrated markets around the world. Here are a few things to look for that will indicate the speakers you’re looking at are not actually Bose speakers, regardless of what the seller tells you.

  • Alignment of the name – In many cases people producing counterfeit Bose products are not particularly careful how they align the name on the front. If the Bose name on the speaker you’re looking at is not quite squared up you’re looking at a fake.
  • Connectors – If your would-be Bose speakers have connectors on the cradle give them an up close inspection. If they are rigid you’re dealing with fakes. If they are spring loaded you may be dealing with the real thing.
  • Rubber seal – Many Bose speakers have a rubber gasket around the grill on the back. This should look perfectly uniform all the way around. No buts. If the rubber is not consistently even in width or projects further outward in some spots you’ve likely got a fake on your hands.
  • Weight – Bose uses high quality materials to make their speakers and that typically means they have a nice heft to them. Before you buy check online to see how much a particular Bose speaker should weigh. And then contrast that to the speaker you’re thinking about purchasing. If it’s light or feels otherwise unsubstantial it may well be a fake.
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