8 Best Blanco Sinks 2021 Reviews

8 Best Blanco Sinks 2021 Reviews

When you think of your kitchen space, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you immediately think of the refrigerator, or perhaps the island countertop. For some of you, it’s the kitchen sink. No matter if your sink is big or small, stainless steel or granite composite, it plays an essential role in any kitchen setting.

This is why so many homeowners are choosing the Blanco name for their kitchen sink purchases. So if you’re in the market for a new sink for your home, whether it’s for the kitchen or laundry room, start shopping around Blanco products. Here you can read about the best Blanco sinks for the kitchen or laundry room in this Blanco buying guide.

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Guide To Buying A Blanco Kitchen Sink

Sink Type/Style

It’s important to establish the exact type of sink you’re looking for, and if possible, this should be done before your shopping even begins. The very first step in deciding on type is to determine the room that this sink is intended for. So you’re already a step ahead of the game if you know that this is for the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

After that, deciding on the style is the next step. Do you prefer the exposed front of a farmhouse sink for your kitchen, or are you more keen on the traditional drop-in style? Style doesn’t just have to do with how a sink looks, but also how it is installed. Although a farmhouse sink is a fantastic addition to a kitchen, it often requires expert installation. Weighing these pros and cons is a must.

Sink Material

Blanco Drop In or Undermount Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel, granite composite, ceramic, or fireclay? Each of these materials has its own set pros and cons in terms of looks, durability, ease of maintenance, and cost. If you’re looking for an easy-to-clean sink that features a sleek modern look, stainless steel might be for you.

If you want something with a unique pattern, go with granite composite. For an artisanal flair (but high price tag), fireclay is a top pick.

Number Of Bowls

We won’t be settling the debate on single vs. double bowl sinks since it all comes down to your taste. While some homeowners prefer a spacious single bowl sink, others like the versatility that comes along with a double bowl model. When deciding on the number of bowls, think about what’s best for you and which one caters to your personal habits in the kitchen.

Mounting Style

A vessel sink is the easiest type of sink to mount since it rests on top of the countertop. But a vessel sink is not a suitable choice for the kitchen or laundry room; you’ll want a drop-in (top mount) or undermount sink instead. Topmount is the next easiest mounting style since the sink drops into place and rests on the top side of the countertop. Not everyone loves the fact that the sink rim can be seen from above, though, which is why undermount is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Size & Depth Of Bowl Vs. Kitchen Counter Space

Kitchen counter space is high on the list of considerations when sink shopping. You wouldn’t buy a 36” sink for a tiny kitchen space or a 15” sink for a massive countertop. Determine the exact amount of space you have available above – and below – the countertop. Some people experience a significant setback when they go to install a new kitchen sink, only to find that the bowl does not fit within the base of the cabinet. Even if you think you have plenty of cabinet space, always take exact measurements to confirm.

Drain Position & Plumbing

A common sink-related question is whether or not drain position matters. In other words, does the sink drain have to be in the exact center of the sink basin, or is it OK for the drain to be offset?

Although any drain position will work with nearly all plumbing systems, it’s essential to know the pros and cons of a centered vs. offset drain. 

Blanco Single Kitchen Sink

What happens when a large pot or pile of dishes sit in the sink? It often covers the drain, which means that water is slow to drain down. This wouldn’t be a problem with a drain that is positioned to the left or right of the sink basin. Your current sink likely has a center drain, so replacement is much easier when you choose another center-drain model. This is the only advantage of selecting a center-drain sink.

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